Route 66 Main Street

Route 66 Main Street is rich in both Tulsa and Route 66 history. Formerly referred to as the Red Fork District, this unique area on the west side of town is best known for being the place where oil was first discovered in Tulsa County! Today, this vibrant district offers an eclectic mix of restaurants, shopping, art galleries, events and Route 66 attractions.

History of Red Fork on Route 66

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Route 66 with a visit to Route 66 Main Street. Pay homage to the first railhead in the region (which helped put Tulsa on the map) at the Corner Pocket Park at Red Fork Triangle. Then, head across the street and enjoy a delicious meal at Ollie's Station, a train-themed restaurant perfect for families. Explore fine art at Josh Stout Gallery and then head over to explore Tulsa’s only open-air museum, the Route 66 Historical Village!


  • Billy Ray’s Catfish & BBQ
  • Cities Service Station (Studio 45 Architects)
  • Route 66 Historical Village
  • Southwest Avery Plaza Neon Sign Park (includes 3x neon signs reproductions of historic neon previously demolished - Oil Capital Motel, Tulsa Auto Court, and Will Rogers Motor Court)

Non-neon Landmarks

  • Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza
  • Floating Hangar Mosaic
  • Howard Park Monuments
  • Route 66 Historical Village
  • Route 66 Western Gateway
  • ​Sue Bland Oil Derrick
  • 12x Route 66 Historic Markers

Route 66 Main Street Businesses