About Tulsa

Mother of "The Mother Road."

"Take me back to Tulsa."– Bob Wills

The 2nd largest city in Oklahoma and the 47th most populous in the U.S. at approximately 1 million people, Tulsa, once known as the “oil capital of the world”, attracts people from every walk of life wanting to live even just a slice of their life on Tulsa Time.

Tulsa is a place where large, headquartered companies like QuikTrip, BOK Financial Corporation and ONEOK coexist with a thriving and ambitious local scene that defines cultural life in Tulsa by way of an engaging arts community, a culinary utopia and a seemingly endless amount of unique boutiques.

Aside from being a place of opportunity, Tulsa boasts an impressive amount of art deco architecture that goes toe to toe with the largest cities, a half billion-dollar park ranked best in the U.S. that beckons to be explored by all, a rich history of music that inspired a genre named after the city and so much more. There’s just no place quite like T-Town.

Bob Wills

Areas of growth

According to the 2019 Economic Report from Tulsa's Future, Tulsa’s major industries are aerospace, including aerospace manufacturing and aviation; healthcare; energy; machinery; and transportation, distribution and logistics.

General qualities that attract new companies to grow these clusters and others to Tulsa are a sound infrastructure, a cost of doing business that is 11 percent below the U.S. average and a cost of living that is eight percent below the U.S. average.

Tulsa has gone 'from boom town to zoom town' and is a frontrunner of the new remote worker hubs popping up across the States. The city even offers remote workers $10k to relocate to Tulsa.

And in 2018, Tulsa-area employment grew 47 percent faster than U.S. employment, according to Tulsa's Future. Wage and salary employment in the seven-county Tulsa MSA grew 2.5 percent in 2018, to 446,038, a growth rate about 40 percent higher than the state’s growth. U.S. employment grew 1.7 percent.

Tourism is the third largest pillar in the state's economy, behind only energy and agriculture.

Expectations are high for continued growth in tourism and business travel to Tulsa. In 2019, total visitation to Tulsa increased 6.0% to reach 9.9 million visitors, who spent a total of $1.7 billion while in town.


If you rearrange the letters in, “Tulsa”, it spells, “Bonkers fans for sports who cheer and yell for just about anything under the sun!”. #truestory

Our city does not just show up for sports, Tulsa goes hard in the paint for sports. We support professional, semi-professional, amateur and scholastic athletics. We support backyard cornhole tournaments. Bull riding? We’ll watch that. Bike racing? Why not!

Tulsans celebrate competition in all its forms.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!


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