Arts & Entertainment 

You're about to be schooled on how amazing Tulsa's film, music, arts and culture really is. Spoiler alert: you're going to love it.

The “Paris of Oklahoma” 

It was a joke in “Friends” 20 years ago, but now Chandler Bing would be lucky if he were one of the elite few selected for Tulsa Remote, a program more selective than Harvard, because Tulsa boasts an arts and culture scene unlike any other. You can find the nationally recognized Tulsa Ballet, Tulsa Opera, two orchestras AND numerous theatrical groups touring Broadway shows performing at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center in the heart of downtown Tulsa, surrounded by world class art galleries and other live music venues. Could we BE more cool? 

Arts & Entertainment in Tulsa 

From alt rock concerts selling out Cain’s Ballroom to open mic nights at DW Speakeasy in the Historic Greenwood District, arts and entertainment pulses through Tulsa day and night–seven days a week. 

Find your perfect cultural experience below.