Maybe you’ve heard that Tulsa is a super affordable place to be. True as it may be, it’s also a super affordable place to shop! 

Whether seeking a fresh new outfit or fun Tulsa merch, there are plenty of fabulous stores in Tulsa to find just what you need. From handmade, locally sourced products to some of the newest fashions plucked from the runway, T-Town has the goods for everyone. 

Midtown Finds 

In the middle of town, Utica Square boasts upscale shopping at stores like Anthropologie, and Williams Sonoma, and is home to several incredible dining options to refuel after you shop ‘till you drop, including light café fare at Queenie’s Bakery and fine dining at Polo Grill.  

The Farm Shopping Center, a taste of country living just a 15-minute drive from downtown. This tree-lined shopping center features a restored rustic barn and boardwalk-style paths between more than 40 local, regional and national retailers.  

Tulsa Classics 

One of Tulsa’s most iconic souvenir shops is Ida Red, with locations downtown, on Brookside and out south. They have a wide array of Tulsa, Route 66, and Oklahoma t-shirts, greeting cards, and so much more. While on Brookside, wander around the modern-style streets and visit other great stores like The Haley Boutique and Lululemon. 

For a more casual shopping and dining experience, head over to Mother Road Market on Route 66. In addition to tons of food options in their food court, Mother Road Market is home to local shops like Graham Collective wellness boutique, Felizsta Latinx food and gifts, Gambill’s Coffee and Wine, Eleanor’s Bookshop, and Mythic City.