Tulsa Music Census

The Tulsa Music Census is a community-led initiative to gain a better understanding of the current needs of the Tulsa music community. The census captures key information about the local music economy to help the city and community make more informed, data-driven decisions to support the music ecosystem.

The 15-minute survey will ask questions specific to the realities of music and live entertainment workers, including general information about their demographics and occupation types, as well as their perspective on issues such as diversity, equity and belonging.

The Tulsa Music Census officially closed on April 1st, 2024.

Multi-City Music Census™ Cohort

This effort is part of a multi-city cohort program, administered by Sound Music Cities, a leading Austin-based provider of music ecosystem studies and music census work. The program will allow Tulsa to gain insight from other cities and their best practices. The census will be administered by the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture, a division of Tulsa Regional Tourism, as well as support from local partners.

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“We already know that Tulsa has a world-class music scene, but our participation in this multi-city music census is going to provide our office resources to better position Tulsa as a music destination.


Not only will we receive data that will help us more strategically support our regional music industry, but we will also have unique opportunities for intercity collaboration by joining this innovative cohort.”


–Meg Gould, Executive Director of the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture

Become a Community Engagement Partner!


Become a Community Engagement Partner and help us conduct the most extensive survey of the Tulsa music ecosystem ever completed.


We will begin our survey in 2024, and we’re asking you to send the survey to your contacts in the music and live entertainment ecosystem, encouraging individuals to take the survey. We also will ask you to periodically make social media posts to announce the launch of the survey, and encourage participation.


Most importantly, representation in the survey results – we want to be as inclusive as possible, which means we want the folks you work with and serve to have their voices heard. We will give community engagement partners a sneak peek of the survey data results before finalizing and publishing our dashboard report. And we would love to add your logo to our list of engaged partners!

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Please add your name and email address in the form below. Upload your organization’s logo so that we may add it to the list of partners working to reach every part of our music and live entertainment ecosystem. By choosing to be a partner, you are helping bolster Tulsa's status as a music city with incredible depth and diversity.


This form is now closed.

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