Tulsa Film Permits

Each city and town in the region have their own processes. Below is information for the City of Tulsa. 

Please contact our office for additional filming regulations in the Tulsa Region.

When is a permit required?

It’s simple. A permit is needed when ... 

  • Filming outdoors on public property and public rights-of-ways (streets, alleys, and sidewalks).  This includes using private property in conjunctions with public property: $220 + system fees. 
  • Filming outdoors on solely private property: $73 + system fees. 
  • Secondary permits that may be required filming at city parks
  • At this time, there is no permit for filming with a drone within the City limits; however, all FAA regulations must be followed. Drones must be registered and a copy of the license must be sent to the Special Events Office.
  • System Fees include processing, record retention, and system development. This totals $31.90.

The Process for the City of Tulsa

Step 1: Letter of Support 

You will need to complete a "Film/Television Assistance Request Form" from our office (Tulsa FMAC). Once submitted with all necessary information, we will send you a Letter of Support for your production. 


Step 2: City of Tulsa Film Permit

Apply for your permit in the Online Permit Portal and be sure to upload your Letter of Support. Any questions regarding the City of Tulsa Film Permit, please contact Skipper Bain, sbain@cityoftulsa.org 

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