The Historic Greenwood District in Tulsa

Home to one of Lonely Planet’s “15 places in the US to mark Black History Month” and the first monument on National Geographic’s list of “monuments travelers should visit,” the Historic Greenwood District in Tulsa is one of the nation’s most prominent destinations for Black history and culture.

Famously nicknamed "Black Wall Street," the district’s unprecedented prosperity in a time when the nation failed to recognize Black people as equals served as a bastion of hope for Black people in America. The horrific Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 that saw a majority of the district’s blocks razed to the ground and the district’s eventual rise from the ashes against all odds expanded on the area’s complex story of triumph and tragedy.

A Must-See for Black History & Culture

Today, the Tulsa Greenwood District is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in T-Town. Explore the history of Greenwood at places like Greenwood Rising and John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park.

Then, visit Black-owned businesses in the area like Cobbler Mom and Silhouette Sneakers & Art, bringing limited and authentic sneakers and streetwear to Tulsa since 2019.

Ready to plan your visit? Check out our historic Greenwood District itinerary suggestions.

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