There are coffee enthusiasts there are cafe enthusiasts in this world. There’s some overlap, for sure, but when it comes to cafes, you either go for the coffee or you go for the atmosphere.

Luckily for you, Tulsa has one of the best coffee scenes in the midwest. Whether you’re looking to stare in admiration as baristas carefully saturate water with flavor as they pour it through the top of a Chemex or you’re just looking for a great space to kick back with some friends (and maybe enjoy some hot bean water while you’re at it), this comprehensive guide will help you find the best coffee shops in Tulsa aligned with your preferences instead of Google Maps’.

*Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19 precautions, some of the attractions mentioned in this article may be operating under different circumstances than normal. To see a growing directory of businesses committing to abide by CDC and Tulsa Health Department Guidelines through our Tulsa Safely initiative, you can visit


Topeca Coffee Roasters

1. Topeca Coffee Roasters

A family tradition since 1850, Topeca Coffee Roasters has grown and flourished into the wholesale, award-winning, international company it is today. In fact, Tulsa runs on Topeca, as you’re likely to find their coffee in several restaurants and other cafes around town.

One of the first “farm-to-cafe” coffee companies in the world, you can order a cup of coffee at Topeca’s cafes that started in the rich coffee soil ground of El Salvador and Brazil, the locations of Topeca’s two farms. The coffee is meticulously harvested, roasted and brewed with intentionality that becomes clear when your tastebuds absorb this complex and delicate coffee.

Simply put, Topeca Coffee Roasters are experts in their craft. You can find their SCA-Certified baristas brewing superb coffee at their cafes in the Art Deco Philcade building and the sleek Hyatt building, both in downtown Tulsa.


Nordaggios coffee shop

2. Nordaggio’s

Nordaggio’s, located in South Tulsa, is another of Tulsa’s famed roasters. You can ditch the reading glasses at Nordaggio’s because their menu is sublimely simple, featuring complex and diverse coffees that stand on their own, with minimal trappings.

Cup in hand, you can then unwind with friends or a book in Nordaggio’s quaint space complete with a fireplace, comfy furniture, and of course, Renaissance artwork that is reimagined through a coffee-lover’s eyes.

Nordaggio’s craft roasted coffee can be found on their website, in Arkansas and Texas, and even in Prairie Brewpub’s (one of Tulsa’s many craft breweries) flagship stout, The Prairie BOMB!


Hodge’s Bend

3. Hodge’s Bend

Taking its name from the area’s origins of being a neighborhood social hotspot, Hodge’s Bend retains all the charm and aesthetics of a 1940’s cafe. On the heels of the European cafe business model, Hodge’s Bend would easily make the cut for an article on Tulsa’s bar scene as well.

Hodge’s Bend serves locally sourced and locally roasted coffee, and can brew it for you through a variety of slow bar methods. Hodge’s even serves a slow drip cold brew that filters through a science-fiction-looking glass contraption that allows you to watch the entire process.

Of course, if you’re perfectly caffeinated and are looking for boozier options, Hodge’s Bend also offers creative takes on classic cocktails such as the Tobacco Old-Fashioned.


Cirque Coffee Roasters

4. Cirque Coffee Roasters

Toting a motto like “Stay Weird”, you can only assume that Cirque Coffee Roasters aim to roast truly wild coffee, and you would be correct. Cirque omits a roast level on all of their packaging because they stick to a light roast for all of their coffee, aiming to bring out the vast complexities in flavor that are possible with a light roast without sacrificing any quality in taste.

Even if you like your coffee bold and would rather chew on grounds than drink light roast, there’s still plenty of reason to visit Cirque.

Housed in rustic walls covered by eccentric art, it's a nice casual setting to get lost in conversation. Whether you’re conversing over a glass of draft latte, draft beer or a harmonious concoction of both alcohol and coffee in Cirque’s Cold Brew Arnold Palmer, you're sure to find enjoyment in this quirky spot.


Shades of Brown Coffee & Art

5. Shades of Brown Coffee & Art

Antique furniture, homemade mugs, and friendly baristas at Shades of Brown Coffee & Art all contribute to an overall vibe of homeliness equivalent to a visit to your favorite hippy grandma’s house (if you don’t have one, just imagine).

Shades of Brown, with its eclectic collection of furniture and local art on display is representative of all the unique people you’ll meet there. It's not uncommon to find a creative writer plugging away at an extensive draft or a photographer meticulously editing their work in photoshop. If this is something you can relate to, you’ll be happy to find that Shades has plenty of nooks and crannies to burrow away with a mug of endless drip coffee to spend the evening with a book or stack of work.

The distinct character of Shades even inspires the baristas’ creativity, as all of the unique seasonal drinks on offer are the concoctions of the baristas that work there. You can find out more about Shades of Brown Coffee & Art here.


Chimera Cafe

6. Chimera Cafe

Like their fearsome mascot bearing a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent for a tail, Chimera attacks your tastebuds with their three-pronged approach of bringing you great coffee, food, and drinks, and is most definitely the foodie’s destination on this list.

Located in the heart of downtown on Main Street, there’s nothing more blissful than sitting down for brunch on a sunny day at Chimera cafe. The open, rustic-chic ambiance allows light from the front-of-house windows to flood in and illuminate the colorful food on your plate (including all of the vegetarian and vegan foods you could ever imagine).

Coffee-wise, Chimera lets you pick your bean and brewing method (including slow bar options), all of which are sourced from regional micro-roasters (so you’re guaranteed to taste Tulsa or taste local).

Tastes to try at Chimera Cafe are the All Day (Gourmet) Tacos, the nitro coffee on tap, or any of the creative cocktails on offer for the day!


Foolish Things Coffee Company

7. Foolish Things Coffee Company

While it’s certainly not a foolish idea to spend some time at Foolish Things, it's okay to be foolish at this cafe. The mantra that Foolish Things Coffee Company lives by is “stop to brew, sit, sip, and savor”; to relish the moment in a world that’s constantly rushing towards the next thing, what some would consider foolish.

Foolish Things is not a bad place to do it.

Housed in a simple brick building with wooden rafters and a full wall of windows, Foolish Things is nicely positioned on the edge of the city center and facing Main Street. It is a tranquil spot to spend hours at rain or shine while sipping on an array of coffees sourced from renowned roasters across the country.

If you like to drink your coffee with breakfast (or with tacos and libations), you might check out Foolish Things’ other endeavors in Foolish Things Bar & Biscuit or High Dive!


Triangle Coffee Company

8. Triangle Coffee Company

Triangle is another coffee shop in the middle of downtown that somehow still manages to feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. As with many of Tulsa’s coffee shops, the natural light here is a nice touch to light up the just-small-enough cafe, making it a cozy lunch break or post-work stop.

The pastries are delicious and the baristas are personable and always willing to nerd out about coffee with you when you order your coffee brewed at the slow bar. Onyx coffee is the weapon of choice at Triangle, a prolific micro-roaster based in neighboring Arkansas.

You can find out more about Triangle Coffee Company here.


The Gypsy Coffee House

9. The Gypsy Coffee House

Remember when we said that Shades of Brown had the hippy grandma vibe? The Gypsy Coffee House is like the hippy-dippy great-grandma (it's been around for 20 years). Appropriately nestled on the edge of the Tulsa Arts District, Gypsy is a lower-lit, comfy, cozy space with curtains that cascade down the walls.

If you love Nordaggio’s coffee, you’re in luck, because that’s what’s on offer at Gypsy. They also serve an impressive variety of Loose Leaf teas and have a delicious bakery.

While Gypsy is the perfect place for curling up with a book, it is also a prime hangout spot. Formerly the venue of Tulsa’s longest-lasting open mic night before the pandemic, it’s not uncommon to find something to do at Gypsy in the evenings. They even neighbor a dispensary and are one of the first ‘Full Spectrum’ cannabis cafe experiences in the USA.

You can find out more about The Gypsy Coffee House here.


DoubleShot coffee shop

10. DoubleShot

You have enough bottles of oil to open up an Italian restaurant, except that they’re all for your beard. You’re still rocking Ramona Flowers’ haircut 10 years after Scott Pilgrim vs. The World came out. You met the love of your life reaching for the same overpriced bottle of kombucha at WholeFoods and you swear that you’ve been a Tame Impala fan since the beginning. You’ve watched Citizen Kane all the way through and claim it's the best film of all time. These are certainly not requirements, but if you’re a hipster (you know who you are), you belong here.

Double Shot, the coffee shop that inspired Portlandia’s Coffee Shop Manifesto skit and butted heads with Starbucks due to its name, certainly has a reputation. But with jokes about coffee elitism aside, upon entering the log cabin building on South Boulder Avenue, you’ll find an open, sunny, homey space with a vast array of seating, along with knowledgeable, cordial baristas, and great coffee ordered off of an intentionally simple menu.

DoubleShot prioritizes only serving fresh coffee, making sure that what’s in your cup has at most 48 hours of separation from when it was roasted. On par with its name, the espresso menu is not to be neglected here.


Fulton Street Books & Coffee

11. Fulton Street Books & Coffee

One of Tulsa’s increasingly not-so-hidden gems, as it has already garnered attention in a Forbes article, Fulton Street Books & Coffee is a space created with you in mind.

Owner, Onika Asamoa-Caesar, a former teacher who helped launch the Birth Through Eight Strategy in Tulsa, named the book/coffee shop after a street in New Jersey where she reconnected with her father’s side of the family after having grown up in foster care. For Asamoa-Caesar, Fulton Street symbolized a new home when she previously didn’t have one. Now, the book/coffee shop stands as a home and place of community for marginalized groups of people, as 70% of the titles in the space are written by or featuring people of color.

Fulton Street’s incredible mission of representation, literacy and community isn’t the only reason to check it out, however, as the coffee here makes it the perfect place to curl up with a good book. Fulton Street uses coffee beans roasted by Topeca and is brewed for drip or espresso (with slow bar options on the horizon). We recommend that you try their latte with ube syrup (sourced from a purple sweet potato that gives the latte a sweet taste and a purple hue). Vegans can enjoy this treat as well thanks to the shop’s “almond cow”, a machine that allows them to make their own milk substitutes!

Find out more about Fulton Street here.


Lagom coffee shop

12. Lagom

Lagom-a Swedish term for “just the right amount” or “everything in moderation”. The provocative name itself is enough to get you through the doors of the new coffee shop in South Tulsa. Once you’re there, you can discover the why.

Maybe the coffee shop is named for its elegant-yet-casual space. Upon entering Lagom, it feels like you’ve traversed into one of the many gourmet cafes of Europe. The space has the class worthy of a date spot with enough of a casual ambiance to make you feel as if you could be a regular here; a place to maintain a work-life balance.

Maybe it’s named for its eclectic menu. Lagom brings a new roaster to the mix in Tulsa as all of their coffee is shipped in from Olympia Coffee Company in Washington. They use this to brew all the essentials of a coffee shop (espresso, cold brew, pour-over), while also offering some delectable options unique from other coffee shops (smoothies, delicious crepes, artisan sandwiches/salads/soups). They keep a balanced menu.

Maybe, the name is just cryptic enough to get you through the door. Which is fine, because all of the delight you’ll find at Lagom is well worth a visit to add some balance to your life. Lagom!


918 Coffee shop

13. 918 Coffee

With a name taken from Tulsa’s area code and some prime real estate along the Mother Road, 918 Coffee couldn’t get any more Tulsan.

You’ll find that the intrigue with 918 Coffee doesn’t stop at its name or location, however. The space itself is perfect for settling down come rain or shine, as a whole wall of the shop consists of windows allowing you to look out onto the busy Route 66. On an especially nice day, their patio is just as good a place to sit.

The menu here covers breakfast, lunch and dinner and is so vast that it could justifiably have a table of contents, offering a unique experience with each visit to 918.


Notion Coffee Co.

14. Notion Coffee Co.

A new addition to the Tulsa coffee scene, Notion is simultaneously an underground coffee shop, event venue, and art gallery that shares a historic building known as ‘The Dock’ with Neff Brewing.

Notion is named after their quarterly art exhibits known as ‘notions’. Each notion has a different theme and art installation created in collaboration with local artists.

Not only can you engage with local art here, but you can also sip on coffee that is sourced from multiple origins and is also roasted in-house.

If you want a uniquely Tulsan caffeination experience, Notion is the place to go.


SheBrews Coffee House

15. SheBrews Coffee House

Fair Fellow Coffee Roasters has passed the torch to SheBrews Coffee House, an extension of the local franchise that started in Claremore, Oklahoma. Diehard fans of Fair Fellow need not worry, though, as SheBrews brings all the same caffeinated delight with an incredible mission to boot.

SheBrews Coffee rallies behind the powers of redemption and grace. The coffee shop serves as a launching point for formerly incarcerated people to wet their feet in the workforce and forge a new start to their lives. The founder of the company herself, Rhonda Bear, was formerly incarcerated but found a better future for herself through the help of a ministry. This was the foundation for her own mission.

The SheBrews Tulsa location is nicely nestled into Kendall Whittier square, a budding and unique cultural hub just a short ways away from downtown Tulsa. SheBrews melds into the atmosphere of Kendall Whittier with its warehouse-style space that accommodates plenty of windows to look out onto the square.

SheBrews roasts their own coffee which can be savored in a variety of ways on their extensive menu featuring a host of tasty signature lattes, various slow bar options, and a bottomless drip ideal for fueling a productive day. Above all, you must visit SheBrews Coffee House for their silky smooth nitro drinks (we recommend the ‘Owl Pacino’)!


Gambill’s coffee shop

16. Gambill’s

You can find Gambill’s in the new Shops at Mother Road Market. An endeavor by OK Distilling Company, Gambill's is a retail-forward coffee shop with an intent to inspire and educate patrons on how they can make their own concoctions at home.

The shop specializes in coffee using Moka pots, Vietnamese coffee filters, traditional Central American hot chocolate, restorative farmed teas from China, and classic Indian masala chai tea!

Visit the newest coffee spot in Tulsa!