Art Deco

Tulsa boasts one of the nation’s most extensive collections of Art Deco architecture. Our downtown Deco District is the natural place to begin feasting your eyes on the many representations of this distinctive style—the Philtower and Philcade buildings, the Atlas Life building, Tulsa Club, and Public Service Company of Oklahoma building, to name a few—but it is by no means the only place. Throughout the city you’ll find Art Deco churches, schools, gas stations, dry cleaners, and residences designed by such masters as Bruce Goff, Francis Barry Byrne and Frank Lloyd Wright. On the south side of downtown stands one of the most celebrated examples of Tulsa’s Art Deco treasures: Boston Avenue Methodist Church. The Tulsa Historical Society is a great source for locating all of these Art Deco masterpieces, which you can explore on your own or enjoy via a very affordable guided tour.





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