Which Wich

1. PICK YOUR WICH. Select the type of sandwich you want and grab that bag.
2. SNAG A SHARPIE®. Mark which specific wich you want, the style and size and any ingredients you want to add.
3. IDENTIFY YOURSELF. Put your name at the bottom of the bag and take your order up to the cashier.
4. LISTEN UP. We’ll call your name once your wich is ready.
5. SANDWICHFACTION GUARANTEED®. We stand behind all of our sandwiches. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your wich at the time you receive it, we will replace it, refund your money, or both.
6. DOODLE YOUR HEART AWAY. After you've enjoyed your wich, grab a Sharpie®, doodle on the back of your bag and hang your masterpiece in the art gallery.


6028 S. Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74145


(918) 394-9424
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