Brothers Houligan Restaurant

Brothers Houligan started as a neighborhood bar but as you can see it’s definitely a family place now. The joint has been packing in the diners for over twenty years, which I guess makes it an old-timer. No-one’s sure how it got its name. It seems to have been founded by two brothers neither of whom is named Houligan. So you make your way through a warren of little wood-paneled rooms, past a full-service bar to the nice sunlit dining room in front. The waitresses were friendly and truly perky and they work as a group, so if you need something you don’t have to wait for your waitress; whoever is nearest will help you. So it wasn’t all that long before one of them brought out the food.


4848 S. Yale Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135


(918) 254-1086
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