Jwala: Rising Flame

John H. Williams Theatre PRESENTED BY: South Asian Performing Arts Foundation "Jwala" envisions the flickering flame as a powerful symbol of life and spirit. Are you the destructive fire that burns, or the radiant lamp that illuminates? Are you the blazing cosmic flame that lights the physical universe or the silent inner flame that yearns for liberation? Through dynamic choreography by Mythili Prakash and an evocative musical score by her brother and collaborator Aditya Prakash, "Jwala" seeks to summon the multiple resonances of the Rising Flame from the cosmic to the temporal and the spiritual. Concept, Choreography, and Performance: Mythili Prakash Vocal and Music Composition: Aditya Prakash Nattuvangam and Vocal: Ramya Sundaresan Kapadia Mridangam: Rajna Swaminathan Violin: Shiva Ramamurthi Lighting Design: Eileen Cooley "In the transfixing solo 'Jwala: Rising Flame,' Ms. Prakash invokes the image of fire and its behavior: how it moves, what it means, what it gives and takes from us... from the first moment, music and dance worked together in trance-inducing harmony. – The New York Times, April 2016 Photo credit: Jorge Vismara