Brown Bag It: Finnegans Awake

Brown Bag It: Finnegans Awake
Date: Mar 04, 2020
Time: 12:10 PM
Location(s): Westby Pavilion

Presented By:
Tulsa PAC Trust

The Brown Bag It free noontime concert series at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center happens the first Wednesday of the month. The series features some of Oklahoma's finest professional musicians performing in the PAC's Westby Pavilion.
Keith Francis has been playing stand-up bass since 5th grade in a variety of musical genres. He also sings and plays the guitar, bass guitar and banjo. He has an active background in contemporary Church music, having played in worship bands, served as an interim music minister, and been worship leader for two Tulsa-area Celebrate Recovery groups. He's been a part of Finnegans Awake since 2014. By trade, Keith is a lawyer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Heidi Rigert plays multiple instruments and was classically trained in violin and piano. But she also plays a ukelele, a djembe, and is tackling mandolin. She has played with different groups, doing everything from old-time pop and folk and folk-pop, and has been a member of Finnegans Awake since 2014. By trade, Heidi is a music professor at Tulsa Community College, Southeast Campus, where she teaches musical performance and music theory.

Kristal Tomshany plays a variety of whistles, flutes, and harmonicas, as well as the bodhran (Irish drum) and conga drums, and lends her voice to harmonies. In the past, she played in the group, Ceoltori Tulsa, Cavan, and joined Finnegans Awake in 2001. Kristal is a professional artist, showing in galleries around Tulsa, and an adjunct instructor of art at Tulsa Community College, Metro Campus.

Rob Tomshany has been singing folk music since he was a college student, performing with his father at Mayfest, Sunfest, and other folk venues. In high school, he sang in the chorus at Booker T. Washington. Rob is a student and enthusiast of many types of music, and will happily give you his opinion on all of them. He joined Finnegans Awake in 2014. Before state layoffs, Rob worked for the Department of Human Services in their Child Support Division, and now works for a grocery shopping service.

Tom Tomshany began playing folk music in Tulsa in 1961, playing guitar, banjo, and singing. He left Tulsa in the Sixties and lived and played music in California, Missouri, and Kentucky, before returning to Tulsa. In the 1990s he joined a Celtic group, Green Strings, and then joined with two other musicians to form Finnegans Awake in 2000. Tom is a semi-retired adjunct English instructor at Tulsa Community College, Metro Campus.