Sheridan Ramsey


1. At what age did you begin participating in gymnastics? I started gymnastics at 6 years old

2. What first made you want to participate in gymnastics? I went to a summer camp and my cousin

was doing gymnastics so I wanted to start also.

3. What other sports did you play growing up? Follow-up: Any good stories about them? I played

basketball when I was younger, I did not like it as much as gymnastics but I LOVED shooting the


4. What were some of the challenges you faced? Early on? Now? As a woman? When I was in

middle school I was really self conscious about how muscular I was compared to everyone else, I

was buffer than most of the boys and it made me feel awkward.

5. Greatest moment/accomplishment in your sport? My greatest accomplishment was my level 9

season. I got 1st at state, 2nd at regionals and 11th at nationals.

6. What keeps you going year after year? I love being an inspiration to all of the girls who look like

me and have big dreams like me. I love when little girls come up to me talk to me and are so

amazed at what I am doing.

7. Future plans within your sport? I want to compete at the college level competitively.

8. Future plans outside of the sport, i.e. professional life, personal life? I have so many dreams like

being a pediatrician, a physical therapist and even moving to New York but I really want to coach

gymnastics and become an inspiration for people all over the country.

9. How far has the sport of gymnastics come during the timeframe in which you have been

involved? It has become more popular in general and I think that is a good thing.

10. Where would you like to see your sport be in the coming years? I would love to see more girls

of all races and religions doing gymnastics all across the world.

11. What lessons have you taken from gymnastics that have helped you in your professional and

personal life away from the field/court/other surface? Discipline, being fearless, and managing

my time wisely.

12. What advice do you have for younger athletes coming up in gymnastics? Whenever things don't

go your way, don't give up!! Keep working and listening to your coaches because everyone

makes mistakes. And also anything is possible!!

Choose one of the following:

Greatest female athlete of all time? I honestly think Simone Biles is the greatest female athlete of all

time because she was #1 in the world for 4 years (2013-2016) Even if she falls off of an event she still

wins. She was undefeated for 4 years in a row!! That's like at least 30 meets.


3 words to describe your sports journey. Discuss why you chose those 3 words.