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Tulsa gears up for XPO gaming conference

Published: 8.13.14
VisitTulsa, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, SMG and New Medio announced the inaugural video gaming convention, XPO, taking place at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from October 1-4, 2015.

XPO - an exposition developed by VisitTulsa, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, SMG and New Medio - is a video gaming convention for all types of gamers. Attendees will have the chance to learn about new and exciting games from game industry leaders. XPO connects video game developers and gaming-inspired product makers with fans.

The event will highlight all aspects of the gaming community from users of console-based, dedicated video gaming platforms to casual players on a mobile or tablet device. Additionally, fans can participate in tournaments, panels, concerts, game-themed events and free play areas. Participants will also be encouraged to attend in costume as their favorite game character and to participate in costume contests. XPO will feature guest speakers who are game industry professionals with Oklahoma roots and educational outreach programs designed to encourage fans to develop their own games.

"The best thing about regional gaming conventions is that they provide an opportunity for game publishers and developers to interact with their fans first hand," said Candace Brenner, Tulsa native and director of global brand marketing for Sony Online Entertainment. "I always enjoy getting to know our fans and players and really having one-to-one dialogues. It's so much more meaningful to the development process. Plus, selfishly, it's just a place where I can get excited and share my passion for games with friends and colleagues."

"We're ecstatic to partner with Sony, New Medio and GKFF on this new venture to bring a new game-changing event to the Tulsa region," said Ray Hoyt, senior vice president of VisitTulsa and the Tulsa Sports Commission. "Through our private funding campaign VisitTulsa 2.0, we're partnering with the business community to develop new opportunities, enhance entertainment assets like the Cox Business Center, and create new owned and operated events that are born in Tulsa and will stay in Tulsa. Our region continues to shine in fostering new events, and XPO will help us build upon the momentum of bringing visitors here and providing excellent quality of life options for our residents.

"As a casual gamer, I am very excited about XPO," said Charles McNamara, director of business development at New Medio. "I very much enjoy playing tablet and handheld games with my kids and look forward to meeting other fans and game developers."

"Tulsa is ready for a convention like XPO," said Stanton Doyle, senior program officer with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. "Of course, we have amenities like the Cox Business Center [formerly the Tulsa Convention Center], hotels and a bustling downtown with great entertainment options. On top of that, [Tulsa has] the arts essential to a creative industry like gaming - graphic design, music, and video are in abundance and complement Tulsa's growing tech sector."

Developers and vendors who wish to participate in XPO 2015 can sign up to receive information at Additional information will be announced in the upcoming months at XPO tickets will be available for purchase online at beginning summer 2015.

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