The stories of Tulsa’s rich history, the icons scattered throughout the city, the year-round celebrations of diversity and culture, as well as the legendary Mother Road Route 66 are captivating and unique to our culture. Here is your definitive source for information on Tulsa and its many treasures.

From burgers to baseball, spending 72 hours in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Published: 10.2.18

Written by Duane Pemberton

While you may not know what to expect when thinking of visiting Tulsa, let's just say that there is a lot to see and do here. Nearly everything you could want in a city is here in spades. From a drive down the history Route 66 to catching a minor league baseball game that overlooks downtown to great culinary finds,

Tulsa really is a gem.
I find it incredible how many people still view places like Oklahoma as a "flyover state" - yet there are some very worthwhile reasons to not only visit but for some - to move to Tulsa.

You'll find very few places that offer such a rich combination of great things to see and do as you will find in Tulsa.

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