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Did You Know That Tulsa Has a Wealth of Art Deco Architecture?

Published: 7.17.19

In the early 1920s, as the Jazz Age flourished in Manhattan and the newly minted "Hollywoodland" lured the would-be rich and famous to the West Coast, an empire was growing in the middle of the United States. With a second wave of oil discoveries along the Arkansas River, Tulsa, Oklahoma in particular became a veritable boomtown. As businessmen from more cosmopolitan areas arrived and built refineries, a city of great wealth grew around them, with architects and designers taking cues from the au courant Art Deco style that dominated bigger cities. The area was ripe for development, what with this vast midwestern landscape being further west than any city in the vicinity developed at the time. Before long, Tulsa became the "Oil Capital of the World" a commercial mecca, despite the odds.

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